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Please join us in welcoming Genesee Finishing, our full service pretreatment and paint facility into the Genesee family!

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5-Axis machining

Vertical machining

High hole-to-hole tolerance

Automated pallet changing

4-7 second tool change chip to chip

Casting integration

Precision Metal Fabrication


Press Brake


Punch Press

And more

Specialty Welding and Turnarounds

Robotic Welding

Weld Mapping

High Speed & High Precision

MIG and TIG Welding

Welding Steel to Aluminum

Multiple Weld Certifications 

Global Sourcing Network

Design Improvements

Materials, Parts and Component Integration

Project Management

Wet paint, all types

Multi-part epoxy, and extreme duty paints

Powder coat, all types

After application bake, thermal treatment, and cure

Multi-stage pre-paint chemical conversion/priming

Media blasting, various grades and materials

Chemical and mechanical surface conversion

Applications for mild and stainless steels

Applications for aluminum alloys

Complete Manufacturing Services: Genesee Global Group offers our customers a greater level of quality control and brings an added level of cost and time efficiency to your job.

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Precision, Durability and Value

The qualities customers demand from their products are the same ones they require from their contract product manufacturer. For more than seventy years, Genesee Global Group has been expertly custom engineering and crafting sheet-metal assemblies and components that solve complex product manufacturing challenges.

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