Tooling Versatility

Prototype Development including engineering expertise and advanced technologies.

Low Volume/Fabrication
using the best combination of precision sheet metal production technology available in today's marketplace.

Medium Volume/ Modular Volumes usually see a dramatic cost reduction in unit cost by using modular punch press tooling.

High Volume/Class A Tooling usually delivers the lowest unit cost of all precision metal-forming production processes.

Complex Assembly
includes value-added secondary operations such as electromechanical assembly, testing, welding, joining, and various surface finish coatings or treatments.

Parts made with the progressive die tool

Tooling Vs Unit Cost

Unit costs decrease exponentially and tooling versatility increase as volumes rise from a single prototype to hundreds of thousands of assemblies, and components.

Unit Cost Graph

From one-of-a-kind to hundreds of thousands, we have the comprehensive process flexibility to create the best-value manufacturing approach.