Genesee Global Group - A History

More than 70 years of experience and expertise.

Based in Rochester, N.Y., USA near the southern shore of Lake Ontario, our heritage reaches back to 1946 when we supplied sheet-metal based components to local equipment manufacturers such as Eastman Kodak Company and Xerox Corporation.

Genesee Global Group has evolved into a trusted contract manufacturer of sophisticated assemblies, components and parts to companies around the world. As a privately held company with a progressive hands-on management team, we look for long-term relationships with customers who view us as an extension of their manufacturing operations.


Vision to evolve with the world.
We bring a wide range of in-house tooling and manufacturing capabilities to meet your unique matrix of project requirements. By drawing on a worldwide supply chain for materials and parts, Genesee Global can deliver the most cost-effective combination of design and process.

The use of evolving manufacturing technologies such as lasers and robotics, coupled with rapid advances in Computer Aided Design, allows us to take an innovative approach to contract manufacturing. Our staff—including engineers, designers and production personnel —actively stays abreast of industry trends and technologies in just about every facet of our business and yours.

For a world-class and ISO 9001:2015 certified (view certification) contract manufacturing partner turn to Genesee Global Group for integration with imagination.